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Perhaps these Testimonials will help you make the wise decision.

Thiernu Bah
Bahluxe Auto Sale
I am very glad to be here because I have learned more than I thought.
Greg Pluscusky
The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with questions.

Matt Carrick
Carrick’s LLC
Is very informative.

Lisa Stevens
ELS Motors
Everything is good to go.

Maria Martinez
Good, a lot of information

Ben Berry
Dealer unknown
Good class. Very informative

Monica Kincaid
C & N Auto Wholesale LLC
This class is great, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Jason Hagan
Hagan Motors
Very informative

Keith Hughes
Hughes truck Repair LLC
Everything was covered well.

Jason Francis
Auto Management Group LLC
I enjoyed the class I thought it was thorough in content and informative.

Terrance Meyers
Regal Auto Sales
Very good & informative class. Great instructor.

Chockee Taylor
Class was very informative & educational

Thomas Vickers
Very concise and efficient

Robert Park
Very efficient

David Nieser
Everything was good and knowledgeable.

Aaron Gamble
Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Great Class & Great information

Scott Yonak
Ohio BMV
Excellent training – lots of information

Najeeb Daoud
Superior Auto Sports LLC
Very good class I learned a lot thanks to Wendy

Corey Dickerson
Special Collection LLC
Great presenter, very good at what she does!

Danny Newsome
One Stop Auto Sales
It is totally a great class and covers any and all things that I will need to know to open my lot. Good review of what you will be doing, sales, buying, taxes, titles, it covers all glad it is in effect, should have been there all the time.

John Demmers
J & J Family Auto
Was very helpful and a great resource for future questions. The instructor was clear and upbeat. Very easy to learn from.

Anthony Moore
Dealer unknown
Very informative received way more information that I expected. Well done.

Patrick Maculaitil
Valley Finance LLC
Great class…OIADA and Wendy Great Job! Very informative and educational. Also many great practical applications given.

Pamela Kinney
Central Auto Port LLC
This class covered all aspects of selling & buying used cars in a fun and very informative class. The trainer really knows the business well!

Chinedum Ndukwe
Maxwell Luxury Imports LLC
Wendy Rinehart is a saint & the best thing that has happened to the Ohio Car industry!

Eddie Colavecchio
E. P. C & Sons
Was a well put together class. Learned a lot. Glad it was put in simple terms.

Dalton Lindesmith
Five Star Motors LLC
Excellent class, very informative. I have been in the auto industry as a general manager for a while and still learned some new things!

David Gutbercet
Kev’s Kars
Keep Wendy Rinehart. She does an excellent job. I thought I knew it all, but learned much, much more!

Terrell Babb
Everything was properly explained & presented in an easy to understand manner.

Faizan Kureshy
Ak Autos LLC
The class is very informative and get a clear understanding of most of my questions.

Michael Rowe
D & B Auto Body & sales LLC
I learned a lot about do’s and don’ts of dealers. This course was very instructive of absolutely everything w2e needed to know.

Frank Incorvaia
Low Cost Auto Group LLC
I have been in the car business for 39+ years. This is the first time I have taken this class. I am not ashamed to say that I learned from this class. Several things actually. Wendy was terrific. Informative and interesting, friendly and funny, kept me interested the entire class. You can teach an old dog new tricks (allowed smoke breaks – big plus) Thanks Wendy!

Rick Cole
Avery Auto Sales
Very informative class. Wendy expertly provided all pertinent and relative roles laws and practices in a fun entertaining way! Before the class I assumed this would be 6 hours of
“this is what the state and federal expect and how much you owe.” Pleasantly proven wrong!

Bonnie Rour
D & B Auto Body Sales LLC
Very comprehensive course. I was surprised at what I didn’t know. Atmosphere was very relaxed and the information was easily understood. All questions were taken seriously and answered completely.

Michael Role
D & B Auto Body Sales LLC
I learned a lot about the do’s and don’ts of dealers. This course was very instructive of absolutely everything we needed to know.

Jeff Williamson
APT Alpha Plastics & Trailer Sales
Enjoyed class, would have to have a lifelong dream of being a used car dealer, after learning all of the legal responsibility and fees that could be imposed if you make mistakes.

Theodore Hersey
Vehicle Management Group LLC DBA P Squared
Far More informative than I thought. The experience of the presenter was extremely appreciated as it encouraged real life examples to bring life to the material. This was a great value.

Keith Jordan
Keith Jordon’s 10 and Under LLC
I have been in the car business since 1985. This was an excellent refresher course for all of us in the business. Thought I knew quite a bit but this was a great class. I recommend this class to all dealers Wendy was Awesome!

Faizan Kureshy
Ak Autos LLC
This class was very informative and get clear understanding of most of my questions.

Jodi Mowery
AJ’s Automotive
Great class. Learned more than I thought I would. More stressed now but it will all be fine.

Arron Mowery
AJ’s Automotive
I figured this class was bullsh*t but I must say Wendy is very knowledgeable and amazing!

Bradley Rucker
Adj Leasing LLC DBA 2ns Chance Auto Pro’s
This class was great/relaxing learning environment. Thank you, the class was very informative and great.

Jim Kohmann
Kohmann Motors & Mowers
Good Info. Informative organized in an easy manor to understand.

Mark Dixon
A2Z Used Cars LLC
Class was the bomb! Ms. Wendy explained everything clear and I will also study more.

Melanie Freeman
Freemans Easy Auto Credit
So informative! Very helpful and covered a wide range of subject area.

Robert Colson
Bibo Car Sales LLC
Great class! Very informative. Wendy was very patient.

Nancy Castillo
Unknown dealer
I was trying to see what were the procedures to open a dealership. Good class; good information and great speakers.

Clifford Stapleton
Cliff Stapleton’s Garage
Great value. Well worth the trip and the small investment.

Noah White
Low Cost Auto Group LLC
Very good instructor knows her topics very well. A wealth of information and very good in her presentation.

David White
Pull-A-Part Auto Sales LLC
Every time I come to the class I always learn something new!

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